Review: Incase Magnetic Snap Case for New iPad

image of Incase case for iPad 3

Recently, I was looking for a back cover for my iPad that would be a complement to both the red leather Smart Cover from Apple that I often use as well as the Logitech Ultrathing Keyboard Cover that I wrote about recently. After I purchased the new iPad, I also purchased an Incipio Smart Feather Ultra Light Hard Shell Case to protect the back. The Feather case is delightful and very thin. The one catch with it is that you have to keep the Smart Cover on because the Feather case hooks around it. When I use my iPad, I often like to remove the Smart Cover while holding the iPad. I eventually did cut off the lip of the Feather case with an Xacto knife/utility knife/scissors and the result was a very useable solution.

I also purchased a Hypershield for the iPad. I previously purchased a HyperShield for my iPad 2 which I really liked. It was a dark blue leather which matched and complemented my blue leather Smart Cover on my iPad 2. Unfortunately, the HyperShield for the new iPad was a very poor choice. The molding near both the speaker grill cutout and the dock connector appeared to be sloppy and the fit was poor – like it was designed for the iPad 2 and they discovered that if you pushed hard enough, it would fit the new iPad but not well. It bowed down the middle of the cover creating a gap between it and the iPad. I contacted customer service but their response was that they saw nothing wrong with how the HyperShield fit and looked and would not refund my purchase. It’s a good thing it was only $10 plus shipping but it still felt like throwing money away.

About that time, I discovered on Twitter that Incase was shipping a new version of their Magnetic Snap Case, specifically designed for the new iPad (also fits the iPad 2). In reading the reviews, it became apparent that Incase had also redesigned how the two back magnets were attached. Reviewers for the previous iPad 2 only version of the cover complained that the magnets frequently detached from the cover. However, the initial reviews for this new version were very positive so I decided to give it a try.

The Magnetic Snap Case meets my main priority, it is easy to put on and to take off. I was looking for a back cover that I could quickly and easily remove so I could use my iPad with my Logitech keyboard, Twelve South HoverBar, and Pro Clip stand inside my car. I wanted the ability to take the cover off when I needed to use the iPad with an acccessory that demanded having no case on the iPad and to put it on for protection when using the iPad normally or when toting it around. The Incase Magnetic Snap Case easily meets that criteria. I also wanted a back cover that wasn’t too bulky and looked nice/complemented the red leather Smart Cover. Incase’s back cover also fits the bill nicely in both of those areas. The added bonus was the two magnets on the Magnetic Snap Case. One is located just a little to the right of center. This magnet provides a unique way of folding the Apple Smart Cover up as a stand.

image of incase magnetic snap case folder

The angle is great for reading and watching video when the iPad is sitting on a table or desk. The other magnet is near the right edge and is very useful when you flip your Smart Cover completely around the back of the iPad. It keeps the Smart Cover attached to the back without the need for the user to use his hand to hold it in place. The last observation I have about the Magnetic Snap Cover is that it appears to be very durable and skuff resistant. While it does smudge a bit with greasy fingers, etc., it does clean up easily and after having used it a month or so and putting on top of tables and desks and inside of my Tom Bihn Ristretto, there are no permanent skuffs or scratches. There are also no cracks which appears to be the bain of the Belkin back cover according to many reviewers.

If you are looking for the same things I did in a back cover for your new iPad and you are willing to pay a little bit more, this is an excellent choice and one that I believe you will stick with for the long haul.


    1. Emil, you can put the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard case on with the Snap Case but I don’t think it will fit over the Smart Cover.

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