Using the iPad Pro


When I bought my iPad Pro (the big one) last fall, I really wasn't sure if it would fit nicely into my needs for an iOS device. I gave my iPad Air to my wife who really needed an upgrade from her iPad 2 which she inherited long ago when I purchased the iPad 3. I also gave my iPad mini 2 to my son and daughter-in-law which left me iPad-less.

I saved up and bought the iPad Pro with the intention of using it as both my go-to iPad and as a mobile device for writing and media consumption. The large size of the iPad Pro was a bit overwhelming at first and as a result, I found myself using it in a limited fashion.

I also bought the Apple Pencil and the Apple Smart Keyboard. The latter, I really liked from the beginning. I had purchase a Smart Cover which I returned after getting the keyboard. The keyboard did add a little heft to the iPad Pro, but the fact that it is simple to remove and provides a nice typing keyboard and stand added to my decision to buy it. However, like most people who did not order it on day one with the iPad Pro, I had to wait awhile to get it. The keyboard does take a short period of adjustment, but I think my brain adapted pretty quickly.

The Apple Pencil is a different story for me. I am not an artist and I don't find myself using the Apple Pencil to doodle or sketch. I would like to use if for note taking and since I already have the iPad app Notability, I am learning how to use the Apple Pencil with the Notability apps. Screen Casts Online has a nice tutorial by Allison Sheridan explaining how to use the app.

More and more, I find myself turning to use my iPad Pro for both productivity and for consumption. I can do more things with it than I did previously with my iPad Air.