Church Selfie

image of funny selfieThe problem:

This past Thursday evening, our small group was meeting together at a friend’s home. Our custom is to have a short time of snacks while catching up with each other. Someone began commenting about our church directory and posed the question of why it has been so long since it was published and why our church hasn’t arranged for a new one to be produced. Most everyone agreed that it was likely a big hassle for anyone to administer the process and that it always seemed to take a long time from start to the finished product. We surmised that part of the problem is that it is difficult to schedule each family for an appointment to have their photo taken by photographer.

The solution:

At that point of the discussion, my friend Steve suggested, “Why don’t they ask each family to take a selfie and send it to the church office?” It was a very humorous statement at the moment, but as I thought about it, maybe requesting each family to submit their own family photo with some suggested guidelines would be a great idea. It would be cost effective and perhaps more timely than the alternative. Maybe the church could arrange a for a studio for a short window of time for the small percentage of families who would prefer to take advantage of it.

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