Learning to Use BBEdit and Markdown

I just purchase BBEdit after using Text Wrangler by BareBones Software for quite awhile. I have been using Markdown with the Squarespace editor but I wanted to move to using a good text editor for most of my writing. After hearing so many great things about BBEdit, I decided to make the plunge.

I read that BBEdit has supported Markdown natively since version 8.6, but trying to figure it out was a “needle in a haystack” journal through Google.

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Snow Leopard upgrade

I am in the process of upgrading (actually doing a clean install) of Snow Leopard on my iMac. There are still a number of programs that are less than fully compatible. I would be inclined to advise most users to wait a couple of weeks so those applications can catch up.

Not much visible difference in Snow Leopard, but things do seem a little snappier.

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Simplify Media adds Photos to the mix

I downloaded the new app from Simplify Media last week for viewing photos from you iPhoto library on your iPhone. Simply Media for photos uses the same Mac or PC application as Simplify Media for your music files. On the iPhone, it is a separate application.

I had some trouble with the caching of the photos from the Mac’s library to the iPhone.

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Use Smart Albums to help set iPhoto ’09 Faces and Places | Photography | Mac OS X Hints | Macworld

Rob Griffiths provides a helpful tip on using Smart Albums in iPhoto ’09 to reduce the gargantuan load of tagging faces:

You can create a similar Smart Album for photos with no face entries, but there are a couple of additional steps needed to make it work better. As a first step, create a new Smart Album with two conditions (name it something like Needs a Face – Master), and with the Match pop-up menu set to All.

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Web App Review: Jott

I am constantly in search of the “Holy Grail” of productivity tools and software. In fact, I probably waste a lot of productive time looking for the next best thing when it comes to managing my time and “to do’s”. About a year and a half ago, I stumbled upon Jott at jott.com. I used the free app for most of that time and I really only used it occasionally even though I found it to be a very useful application. → Read the rest

Review: Simplify Media – simply great!

Alright, I confess right up front, I have way more songs in my iTunes library than I ever do or will listen to. But I am one of those guys that likes to think I have my whole library always available for any situation. You know, like when I am at the park with my beautiful wife, a quaint picnic blanket and lunch, and a beautiful azure sky with one or two large cumulus clouds lazily floating across the sky. → Read the rest