A New Solution to Storing Coffee Beans

Once in awhile, I like to write about products that capture my interest or are a unique answer to a imple problem. This past Labor Day, my family and I spent an afernoon in a quaint area near our home. The city is Stillwater on the north side of the Twin Cities metro area. The town was built on the St. Croix river which borders Minnesota on the west and Wisconsin on the east. Stillwater is a favorite area because of its “old world” downtown and abundance of bed and breakfast place to stay overnight. Everyone in our family enjoys visiting the antique shops, candy stores, Grand Pizza, and to cap off the day, an over-sized helping of ice from Nelson’s Ice Cream up the hill from downtown.

67E90103-072D-4907-B4FF-AFC64425929E.pngOne of the stores we visited was a “kitchen store”—a place where you can buy familiar and unfamiliar kitchen utensils, containers, etc. An item I came across while browsing was a device to attach to the top of a bag of coffee. It could also be used to seal bags of cereal, rice, etc. Its name is twixit!&tm; Seal&Pour Bag Clip. It is manufactured in Sweden and distributed by Linden Sweden, Inc. from Minneapolis. While I didn’t purchase that day, I later went to Amazon and found it online and ordered it.

I think the bags that most coffee bean are sold in do a relatively acceptable job of keeping the coffee fresh, this bag clip may prove to do a better job plus provide the added convenience of easy open and pour functiionality. I am looking forward to seeing the results since I first started using it today.

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