Go West Old Man, Go West

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I am hoping to attend a developer’s conference this November for iOS platforms in Los Angeles. On of the funding sources I was counting on has denied my request. It is a disappointing turn of events and now I am not sure if I will still go or not. It is not an overly expensive conference and meals are included in the price, but I would also need to pay for airfare and hotel at 170 per night. I signed up for iOS and Mac developers program last week and I am excited to pursue mobile development but I was counting on attending the conference to give myself a boost.

On another note: After receiving my credentials from Apple, I quickly downloaded the beta for 4.2 for the iPad. I should have read more before making the leap. As my iPad was restoring to the 4.2 beta, a warning message came up saying that I had not provisioned my iPad for development and that I needed to do so before the installation could proceed. After checking through the notes, I discovered a “blurb” saying that I needed to run XCode and register my iPad BEFORE restoring the 4.2 beta. Yikes! Then I read the part that made my heart jump up into my throat, “…failure to do so could render your iOS device inoperable…” Oh, oh… Fortunately, I was able to register my iPad and secure the certs I needed and then proceed with the restore. In the end, all was well but it took nearly forever for the restore and backup to finish. Then when it was done, more than half of my apps were missing. I spent part of Saturday morning restoring apps and entering logins and passwords. The new features are pretty neat and I look forward to testing them out and continuing to work on developing my own applications.

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