Screen Sharing and the iPad

I have been looking for a good app for connecting to the computers on my home network from my iPad. There are a number of choices in the iTunes store such as LogMeIn Ignition, as well as some others. Most of them are apps that cost between 20 and 30 dollars – not outrageous, but expensive enough that you want to make sure you make a smart buying decision. Based on some online recommendations, I chose the application, iTeleport, the app formerly know as Jaadu VNC. I have to say that I have been very pleased so far with this app. It supports encryption, gmail id based login security, and both Mac and Windows connections (though I admit the number of Windows based PCs is dwindling more and more in this household.

iTeleport works from both my iPhone and iPad, but I admit that using my iPhone sounds like it would be a less than satisfactory experience based on the size of the screen, especially in working with my desktop computer which uses multiple monitors. The iPad however is a perfect screen size for managing all of the computers in our household. This is particularly helpful when I am in one part of the house and my wife or kids are having a computer problem that needs my assistance and they are somewhere else in the house. In addition, it helps me initiate applications and manage files on both of my computers directly from my iPad.

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