Review: Simplify Media – simply great!

Alright, I confess right up front, I have way more songs in my iTunes library than I ever do or will listen to. But I am one of those guys that likes to think I have my whole library always available for any situation. You know, like when I am at the park with my beautiful wife, a quaint picnic blanket and lunch, and a beautiful azure sky with one or two large cumulus clouds lazily floating across the sky. What better time than to have the dulcid tones of Barry Manilow, Air Supply, or some other love song straight from the ’80s playing from my trusty iPhone. The problem is that my iPhone is only 16 GB in storage size and with the bazillion iPhone apps, 32,000 photos of my loving family, and scads of other things all vying for space on my “do all media player”, I don’t have room for carrying every mp3 that I have in my library and frankly, who would ever carry Manilow, Air Supply, or any thing else of the era/genre on their iPod library?

Enter Simply Media. This software application is a work of art! You simply download the version of the client for your computer that stores your song library and install and configure it. It works with Mac, Linux, or Windows (XP or Vista). You can use it with iTunes or WinAmp. In addition, download the iPhone/iPod Touch app from the iTunes Store to access your music from your iPhone/iPod Touch. You will need to setup a free account with Simply Media from within the software. Once you install Simply Media on your computer and give it a little while to search your library, you are set to access your music from your iPhone, iPod Touch or any other computer with internet access. In addition, you can share access to your library to any other registered Simply Media user.

Chris Breen has written a review article for MacWorld. You can read his thoughts about this software here.

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