A tribute to Veterans from Steven Curtis Chapman

In honor of Veterans Day, this excerpt is from Steven Curtis Chapman’s website:

Honoring Veterans

Hear the New Song By Steven Curtis Chapman, “Thomas McBride”

A few days ago Steven Curtis Chapman had the opportunity to visit the Bethesda Naval Medical Center, a guest of the President’s physician. It’s become a given on Steven’s schedule over the last 8 years plus. If he has a tour date in the DC area, you’ll find him spending the morning and afternoon at Bethesda. He’s been fortunate to have the chance to meet brave men and women military service personnel there, both the wounded and the medical staff.

Two Fridays ago Steven met Corpsman Thomas McBride. He had been wounded in action in Afghanistan and tragically had lost part of his leg. Steven was deeply moved by this man and the sacrifice he had made for this country. In response and with gratitude to Corpsman McBride and all who have served America, Steven penned a new song, “Thomas McBride.” It’s Steven’s great privilege, that this song was delivered this week to Corspman McBride by the President of the United States, George W Bush.

On this week that marks Veterans Day 2008, we pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of the men and women who in defense of our freedom have bravely worn the uniform of the United States. To mark the week, Steven is making available, via streaming audio, this simple demo he recorded of the new song.

Listen online to the song at the this link. Be sure your computer’s volume is turned up so you can hear it.

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