Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress (Part Three)

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As I previously promised, I am publishing a reference list that I compiled while researching the process of migrating from SquareSpace to WordPress. Some of the links refer to earlier processes that applied more to SquareSpace version 5 than the current version 6. I am including them, however, since many SquareSpace users may still be running version 5 sites so the information would be pertinent. → Read the rest

Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress (Part Two)

image of a wrench and screwdriverThe process that I used to bring my posts from my SquareSpace blog to the newly created one on WordPress was pretty basic. I first went into the blog on Squarespace via the longer url of and logged in with my administrators account. Since I had already hooked up the DNS settings for to the new blog site on WordPress this was the only means I had of accessing my SquareSpace account. → Read the rest

Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress (Part One)

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One of the features touted for SquareSpace is that your data is not trapped in a SquareSpace website if you should ever choose to switch to another platform. That is true, however, migrating from SquareSpace to another platform is not a simple export from and import to process as I learned this past week when I made the switch. → Read the rest

My Friend’s New Website

I have been working together with my friend, Aaron Lundahl, to build his new business website. Squarepace seemed like a good fit since I am not a website developer by trade and we wanted to create a website that Aaron and his wife, Kristin would be able to manage on their own with a little “hand-holding” help from me. → Read the rest

Using Dropbox for Blog Images

I use SquareSpace for my blog hosting. It is a great service and I highly recommend it. I also use BBEdit for writing my blog posts in Markdown. The one thing about SquareSpace that I don’t like is the inability to push images up to the site via FTP. The only way I can store images on the site is to use the File Management tool which requires a lot of extra steps.

 → Read the rest

New iPad app for Squarespace

Like many other iPad owners with a Squarespace hosted blog, I have been anxiously waiting for the iPad app for Squarespace. The iPhone app is very nice but reasonable mostly for checking and approving comments, etc. Now with the iPad app, I can very realistically post with some regularity to Quawkle using my iPad. Thanks for a free Christmas present, Squarespace!

 → Read the rest

Squarespace and Video Helps and Tutorials

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This is another post in a short series regarding my discovery using Squarespace as a writing platform. I currently use WordPress
as my blog’s platform hosted at GoDaddy. I am on a simple quest to simplify my blog platform and focus my efforts on creating

First a rant – sort of: As a programmer and software designer, I am technical by training and career and I admit that I enjoy
opening the hood and seeing how the engine runs.

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When “Mailing It In” is Not a Bad Thing

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Squarespace offers it site owners another great option for posting content into their websites – Email posting. Through the tools in Squarespace, you can setup a special email address that allows you to write a post in your email and then send it. From there it will be posted as a journal entry (read:blog post). You can title your post using the Subject field and you can attach an image for it to be included in the post.

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Everything Old is New Again… is currently in a transition between the current site and a makeover involving either a switch to WordPress using the Genesis or Thesis, or a complete move to Squarespace.

image of Squarespace logoRather than continue with some of the many other observations I have made so far with Squarespace, I will save some of those thoughts for another post or two.

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