Java addicts…

image of zack thinkingIs coffee a good thing? I didn’t care much for it for many years. I tried to turn myself into a coffee drinker but could never quite acquire the taste. Then my tastes buds either died or I trained them to enjoy the taste and now I have become an addict! First it was black only, that’s manly, but I gave into my upset stomach and started using cream.
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Kurt Warner: Good deeds are Warner’s focus

Warner has one hand on the steering wheel and the other buried in a carton of french fries when the conversation turns to how he’s perceived. He knows what some people think — that he’s a do-no-wrong perfectionist who doesn’t curse, doesn’t drink and lives this straight-laced, holier-than-thou life.

And in a way, he understands. That’s what happens when you talk about Jesus, mention God or explain your selfless ways by professing your faith.

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