13 days to go

image of vote buttonAs of this morning, there are only 13 days until the United State’s general election on November 4th. No matter what your party preference or level of fatigue with this season’s campaign cycle, we still enjoy a great privilege of having the opportunity and right to vote for our local, state, and national leaders/representatives. I am especially excited this year because both of my oldest two sons will have the opportunity to vote in their first presidential election. → Read the rest

Taylors Falls – A Fall Tradition

image of family at taylors fallsWe spent a beautiful autumn day north of Minneapolis and St. Paul in an area called Taylors Falls. There is a state park named Interstate Park where you can hike and climb the rocks surrounding the beautiful St. Croix River separating Minnesota and Wisconsin. My family loves this adventure and looks forward to it every Fall. → Read the rest


Hello World!

This is my first official post (the first several drafts don’t count) on the infamous Quawkle page! As of right now the only thing I feel I have to talk about is…well, nothing at the moment. Yet Quawkle is the HQ for mindless chatter, so I’m safe in having little to share. However future posts may include sports updates, random facts, and the latest from my daily soaking of college learning….

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Minnesota Cracks Top 25 In AP, USA Today Polls

Minnesota Cracks Top 25 In AP, USA Today Polls: “The University of Minnesota’s comeback from a 1-11 record last year crossed another milestone Sunday when the team was ranked in the top 25.”

(Via WCCO-TV – Minnesota’s Breaking News, Video, Weather, Traffic and Sports.)

Wonders that never cease to amaze

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The “Smartest” Smartphone

image of iPhone 3GI am going to lay my cards on the table up front. I love my iPhone. Like many other happy iPhone owners, my iPhone continues to surprise me on a regular basis at how well it meets so many of my needs (and even some wants). I am a Mac user so almost every other smartphone or pda that I have ever owned has needed some third party help to lasso my calendar, address book, and other personal information together across all my digital platforms.

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These are a few of my favorite things…

image of leavesSitting here contemplating the things that I enjoy in my life, I can’t help but think how much the simple things of life bring the most pleasure. Sure I enjoy all the nice gadgets that technology brings but spending an October Saturday outside soaking up the crisp Autumn air while getting the yard ready for an impending winter brings reflection and a sense of throttling down that I don’t normally experience in my hectic day-to-day living. → Read the rest

Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 review from CNet

Cnet posted their review of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 on YouTube shown here:

CNET Review – Dell Inspiron Mini 9:

I love this netbook. I have had mine for about 3 weeks and while it will never be my “go to” notebook computer (that role is reserved for my MacBook Pro) it is so light and easy to carry, that I find myself using it quite a bit of the time I need to catch up on RSS feeds, watch Slingbox, or just do a little bit of web surfing or email. → Read the rest