On the Web | Five Ways to Flourish in Journaling | Desiring God

On the Desiring God blog, David Mathis penned the post, Five Ways to Flourish in Journaling | Desiring God. For those who aspire to add the spiritual discipline of journaling but find themselves often discouraged, this article is well worth the read.

I especially like the paragraph that he writes,

But don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t expect that your records and reflections on life will one day be sought by the general Christian public. It is very likely that no one else will ever read your journal. Better if they don’t. The best of journals are just for yourself and God, without constantly looking over your shoulder to think about what someone else would think if they were reading it. Settle the issue in your own heart now, and write for your own good. Don’t alter the course of a lifetime’s worth of private journaling just in case someone reads it someday.

If you have ever contemplated keeping a journal, take the time to read this post.

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