Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress (Part Three)

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As I previously promised, I am publishing a reference list that I compiled while researching the process of migrating from SquareSpace to WordPress. Some of the links refer to earlier processes that applied more to SquareSpace version 5 than the current version 6. I am including them, however, since many SquareSpace users may still be running version 5 sites so the information would be pertinent.


SquareSpace Help – Can I export my site?:

WordPress Forums:

Squarespace migration to WordPress:

Squarespace to WordPress:

*Greg Freeman’s Blog – How to Import Squarespace into WordPress:

*My notes: Commenters posting after Jan 2014 report problems – perhaps a change on Squarespace’s part is bunging up the script code.

**KASL Network :

Migrating Blog Content and Assets from SquareSpace to WordPress:

Importing Images Into WordPress from SquareSpace:

**My notes:  This appears to be written about SS 5 so not sure how helpful it would be for SS6 migration.

*** – Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress:

***My notes:  This was the most referenced post I found, however it is a bit dated and references older version of Squarespace.

“The Bad News
There are two pieces of bad news I have to tell you about now. The first isn’t too bad:

All of your Posts will have the same Status they had on SquareSpace, so if they were Published, they’re now Published on your WordPress site. You’re probably going to want to immediately go edit every article and change the status of them to Draft. That’s because…

None of your images/media have been exported or imported.

This isn’t an insurmountable task, but you’ll have to manually download all of your media from SquareSpace, and then manually re-upload it into your Posts in WordPress. Fortunately for me, I have a Macintosh, so I just dragged each of my images out to my Desktop, then re-uploaded them into my articles. This is by far the worst part of the process, so I’m open to other suggestions folks may have.

Note: It may not appear that your Posts are missing images. This is most likely because the images are being loaded from your old site, as the references are still pointing there. You can leave this alone, but once you move the domain name, they’ll most likely break. So, re-uploading is your best bet.”

WordPress Forums -How to export from Squarespace and import into a blog:

****A Small Orange – The Homegrown Hosting Blog – Migrating a SquareSpace site to WordPress:

****My notes:  This is a more current post and has some great ideas for successful migration – also a good consideration for a hosting provider.

*****ProPhoto – Importing a Squarespace Blog:

*****My notes: The author identifies two methods that currently work for migrating from SquareSpace to WordPress. He describes both processes and what you will have to do to get them to work.

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