When Should I Turn Off My Computer? – wcco.com

More than half of the computers at offices in the United States run all the time, including overnight, wasting potentially billions of dollars in energy costs. But many of us have been told to leave those computers on so the machines can update at night. So should we keep our computers on or off?

via Good Question: When Should I Turn Off My Computer?

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TweetDeck v0.24.1 Pre-Release: Facebook Integration – TweetDeck’s posterous

I just upgraded my TweetDeck to the newest beta with Facebook integration. Here is an except from the post at TweetDeck’s posterous:

As the title suggests, v0.24.1 includes the first elements of Facebook integration into TweetDeck. This integration consists of two elements.

Firstly you can click on the Facebook icon at the top and, once you have signed into Facebook and given TweetDeck authorisation, this will add a new column full of each of your friends most recent status update which updates automatically once a minute.

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Money, Morale, and Momentum, Part 1 | TheResurgence

Wise financial thoughts from Mark Driscoll…

The book of Proverbs, on two occasions, says, “The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it” Prov. 22:3; 27:12. Since there is no one of merit indicating that the financial mess we are in will be resolved anytime soon, it is foolish for ministry leaders to not see the dangers that are potentially lurking ahead and make adjustments as necessary.

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Scheduling the Unexpected | Sovereign Grace Ministries Blog

C.J. Mahaney shares some thought regarding handling unexpected events in our daily schedule…

My preference is to retreat to Starbucks on Monday morning a day off for me. That’s when two very important things take place: 1 I carefully study the Washington Post sports page. 2 I consider my roles, create goals, and transfer them into my schedule for the coming week.

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Between Two Worlds: President Tyler’s Grandson

Interesting post from Justin Taylor’s blog:

As an American it’s usually pretty easy to forget how young our country really is. Then you go and read something like this: the grandson–not great-grandson or great-great-grandson but grandson–of our 10th president, John Tyler Jr., is still alive. His name is Harrison Tyler.

via Between Two Worlds: President Tyler’s Grandson.

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Amazon Kindle’s Blog – Free Sci-Fi

I have been using the Kindle app for the iPhone for a better part of this half week. So far, I am quite impressed with the application. I would not want to read all of my books on my iPhone, but when I am out and about (or held hostage at a shopping mall by my wife) I can pull out my iPhone and catch up on some reading. → Read the rest

Discipleship and Training | TheResurgence

Some great thoughts on the local church’s responsibilities by
Steve Timmis at TheResurgence blog:

Is it not a quiet madness for churches to largely outsource their discipleship (to parachurch agencies) and training (to theological colleges)? The best context for both discipleship and training is the people of God on mission (a.k.a. church).

Parachurch vs. Local Church

Take discipleship as a case in point.

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Use Smart Albums to help set iPhoto ’09 Faces and Places | Photography | Mac OS X Hints | Macworld

Rob Griffiths provides a helpful tip on using Smart Albums in iPhoto ’09 to reduce the gargantuan load of tagging faces:

You can create a similar Smart Album for photos with no face entries, but there are a couple of additional steps needed to make it work better. As a first step, create a new Smart Album with two conditions (name it something like Needs a Face – Master), and with the Match pop-up menu set to All.

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FireWire 400 reaches the end of the line | Networking | Editors’ Notes | Macworld

Rob Griffiths writes for Macworld

As I looked through the specs for the new Mac Pro, iMac, and Mac mini lineup, one thing struck me: FireWire 400 appears to be essentially dead—at least as far as Apple is concerned. With the release of these new Macs, Apple sells just one machine with a FireWire 400 port—the low-end white MacBook.

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Repost from The Simple Dollar: Using a Gratitude Journal as a Personal Motivator to Save Money and Enjoy Life

Some good thoughts from The Simple Dollar blog:

A few weeks ago, a nice reader named Nicole introduced me to the concept of a gratitude journal:

Have you ever written about a gratitude journal? It’s something I’ve started doing and it’s really helped me figure out what is important in my life. It’s easy. Each day you just write down the five things you’re thankful for.

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