How to Mow 5 Acres with 2 Broken Riding Mowers

I have a lot of grass to cut each week. When we first moved to our current home, the previous owner left me two very used riding mowers. For the first couple of years, I was able to keep both riding mowers running without much effort. Then parts started to break or wear out and I had to order them online. → Read the rest

Be Careful About What You Ponder

image of my stalled Saturn carYesterday morning as I was driving to work, I was contemplating how reliable our Saturn L200 has been and how I had never been broken down by the roadside with a car issue. Then late afternoon during rush hour as I was going southwest to meet up with my daughter, BAM – self-fulfilling prophecy – or something like that!

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Sometimes It’s What Your Don’t Hear

image of hand holding iphoneI’m writing this post as I fly back home from San Francisco to Minneapolis. It’s bright and sunny outside, the flight is over half done, and soon I’ll meet the people who matter the most to me in the world.

I’ve spent the past week at WWDC 2011, Apple’s conference for Mac and iOS (read iPhone/iPad) developers.

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C- My Grade for Maintaining Old Friendship

 Had the opportunity to meet with a wonderful friend and old work acquaintance this morning. I hadn’t seen him for about 8-9 years and this morning it seems like we just picked up where we left off. Afterwards, I realized just how much I have missed in this friendship and not keeping in touch. Then I remembered a number of other friendships that I have let sit by the roadside as I keep making my way through life.

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I Don’t Want to be that Guy..

image of pig at table

Lately, I am working on a project and I spend a couple of evenings per week working outside of my main office (i.e. read: a room in my home with a desk, computers, storage, and an occasional mess…okay a frequent mess. I really love working in my own office because everything that I need is there and when I am productive, I can really fly in that space.

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Kudos to Thomas Distributing

I bought a battery for my son’s notebook computer last Fall from Thomas Distributing. By January, the battery would no longer hold a charge (notorious for the Dell Inspiron B120 and B130 series). I contacted Thomas Distributing about a warranty replacement (battery was warranted for one year). They sent me a new replacement right away and then credited my account when I returned the old battery.

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A Wonderful Get-away to a Wonderful Place

Lanesboro photoEarlier this week, Carrie and I were able to get away for a few days to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We chose an interesting Bed and Breakfast in an equally interesting small town in southeastern Minnesota. The B & B is the Historic Scanlon House and the town is Lanesboro. We stayed in a beautiful and spacious suite known as the Steeple Suite complete with whirlpool tub, full bathroom, queen size bed, multiple sitting chairs, a comfortable love seat sofa, and a modest TV with VCR and DVD player.

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The Age of Distraction

I am not even sure if it is a real issue or not but we seem to be bombarded more every day with distractions from media, internet, print, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I am checking Facebook, while Twittering, on my way to sit down and write a post to my blog. All of this while waiting on for a process to complete on a project I am doing for work.

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