Two Kinds of Simple Church, Part 1 | TheResurgence

Jonathan Dodson writes about churches taking a “simple church” goal…

The first kind of simple church ignores complexity. This kind of church calls it as they see it. There is one way to do things. They call the outs. This type of “simple church” refuses to frame the gospel in our context, insisting upon using old forms for new times.

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Money, Morale, and Momentum, Part 1 | TheResurgence

Wise financial thoughts from Mark Driscoll…

The book of Proverbs, on two occasions, says, “The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it” Prov. 22:3; 27:12. Since there is no one of merit indicating that the financial mess we are in will be resolved anytime soon, it is foolish for ministry leaders to not see the dangers that are potentially lurking ahead and make adjustments as necessary.

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Discipleship and Training | TheResurgence

Some great thoughts on the local church’s responsibilities by
Steve Timmis at TheResurgence blog:

Is it not a quiet madness for churches to largely outsource their discipleship (to parachurch agencies) and training (to theological colleges)? The best context for both discipleship and training is the people of God on mission (a.k.a. church).

Parachurch vs. Local Church

Take discipleship as a case in point.

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Real Life Spirituality | TheResurgence

Tim Chester on TheResurgence blog writes:

What images do spirituality or spiritual activity conjure in your mind? I guess many people think of praying alone away from the noise of the family, or sitting in contemplation on retreat in a rural place. It’s about what I do alone, rather than what I do with other people.

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Book review: The God Who Smokes by Timothy J. Stoner

An Attention Catching Title for a Captivating Book

Timothy J. Stoner is a conundrum for me. Having a some similarity in backgrounds, I found it easy in some respects to relate to his thoughts about how we worship and follow Christ. However, I would characterize this author as anything but typical. I found myself often curious at how he would surprise me by his responses or assessments.

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What thoughts can Wayne Grudem offer to my prayer life?

I am stuck in the middle of a process renovation. That is fancy wording for simply saying that I am trying to make my time alone with God in the morning more effective in my life. My greatest need is a remodel of my prayer life and I am always keen to good advice on this subject. → Read the rest

Seeking wisdom in the walk: What I am learning from a mini-van

image of minivanOften taking a thought contrived during a morning shave and transferring it to a written word can be an excruciating exercise. Other times, words and thoughts seem to flow like soft butter on a warm piece of toast. I am not sure where my thoughts stand this morning, but I will make an attempt to share those “morning razor” moments of my brain activity.

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Perhaps we are put “in the fire” to stir our prayer life

While on the treadmill for my daily run this morning, I watched the sermon video “Put in the Fire to Awaken Prayer” by Pastor John from December 28, 2008. While there were many things he said that stuck in my brain, these paragraphs made the biggest impact on me:

But what is it that God wants to see change in his people?

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The Good Recession by Tony Reinke

Tony Reinke in his blog Miscellanies made a recent post…

Joshua Harris recently preached a pair of messages at Covenant Life Church (Gaithersburg, MD). Entitled “The Good Recession,” Harris taught from Luke 12:13-34. Both messages addressed the proper Christian response to this season of economic uncertainty and targeted the themes of greed and covetousness (week 1) and worry (part 2).

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