The Good Recession by Tony Reinke

Tony Reinke in his blog Miscellanies made a recent post…

Joshua Harris recently preached a pair of messages at Covenant Life Church (Gaithersburg, MD). Entitled “The Good Recession,” Harris taught from Luke 12:13-34. Both messages addressed the proper Christian response to this season of economic uncertainty and targeted the themes of greed and covetousness (week 1) and worry (part 2).

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Donation plea overload in the mail? “Trash It”

Joel Belz offers some good advice for those who are receiving an extra amount of charitable giving pleas in their mailboxes:

If things are really bad for the economy in general for the year ahead, one component may have it even worse. Those are the folks who manage the charitable and non-profit organizations of our society.

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Imation Shutters N.D. Floppy Disk Plant

Do they still make these???

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) ― Imation, which makes data-storage products, announced last year that it would phase out the Wahpeton plant’s nearly 390 jobs by mid-2009 as part of a companywide restructuring.

Imation Corp. has shuttered its floppy diskette plant in Wahpeton and will transfer ownership of its buildings to the city this week, its spokesman says.

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What happened to optimism?

Cal Thomas writes about optimism in spite of the economic news surrounding us…

Where is that optimism today in the midst of the sharp economic downturn? One doesn’t hear much of it from politicians and especially not from the media, which trades exclusively in gloom and doom. President Bush has said he believes things will get better.

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Real freedom

While scouring the Desiring God blog this weekend, I found the following post written by Jon Bloom:

You see, real freedom is not the liberty to do what we want, or even the absence of distress. Real freedom is the deep-seated confidence that God really will provide everything we need. The person who believes this is the freest of all persons on earth, because no matter what situation they find themselves in, they have nothing to fear.

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Who is to blame?

I read this linked article by Joel Belz in the October 18, 2008 issue of World Magazine while eating supper by myself at a restaurant in Alexandria. Belz offers some food for thought about just exactly who is responsible for our current financial mess:

“Remember the old saw about being careful when you point a finger at someone else—because you’ve still got at least three fingers pointing back at yourself?

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