Writing in 2018

All of my blog sites have been relatively dormant for a couple of years. I find it pretty tough to put my thoughts into words online and though I have invested a lot of time and some resources into creating the following blogging websites:

I guess I enjoyed the challenge of setting up these sites but found it difficult to be consistent in providing content. → Read the rest

Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress (Part Three)

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As I previously promised, I am publishing a reference list that I compiled while researching the process of migrating from SquareSpace to WordPress. Some of the links refer to earlier processes that applied more to SquareSpace version 5 than the current version 6. I am including them, however, since many SquareSpace users may still be running version 5 sites so the information would be pertinent. → Read the rest

Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress (Part Two)

image of a wrench and screwdriverThe process that I used to bring my posts from my SquareSpace blog to the newly created one on WordPress was pretty basic. I first went into the blog on Squarespace via the longer url of quawkle.squarespace.com and logged in with my administrators account. Since I had already hooked up the DNS settings for quawkle.com to the new blog site on WordPress this was the only means I had of accessing my SquareSpace account. → Read the rest

Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress (Part One)

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One of the features touted for SquareSpace is that your data is not trapped in a SquareSpace website if you should ever choose to switch to another platform. That is true, however, migrating from SquareSpace to another platform is not a simple export from and import to process as I learned this past week when I made the switch. → Read the rest

Setting Up a Photoblog in WordPress Part 1

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One of my recent projects was to help my son, Hunter, setup a photoblog. I came across a perfect domain name, hunter.photos, while browsing at Hover and purchased it for Hunter. I wasn’t sure whether to do a redirect, or park the domain, or find and setup an inexpensive domain hosting account. I took a look at Bluehost first because I had heard some very good recommendations, including one from James Williamson. → Read the rest

“A Word Fitly Spoken…”

Kevin DeYoung has some thoughtful things to say about the content we post online:

Second, if you need to be critical (and my blog is critical at times) write in such a way that you would not be embarrassed to have the object of your criticism read it with his mother nearby. This doesn’t mean we have to be lily-livered or call for the nice police every time a Christian disagrees strongly with some other person or idea.

 → Read the rest

Just Like Lewis and Clark: In Search of the Best Text Editor

image of Lewis and ClarkWhile driving to work yesterday, I was listening to the Mac Power User podcast episode (put number here). David and Katie had Brett Terpstra from The Unofficial Apple Weblog as their guest. The topic was text editors. If you blog or write on a regular basis, I recommend listening to this episode. Among the many things they discussed, was the text editor Byword and the Markdown preview tool, Marked written by Brett himself.

 → Read the rest

Using Dropbox for Blog Images

I use SquareSpace for my blog hosting. It is a great service and I highly recommend it. I also use BBEdit for writing my blog posts in Markdown. The one thing about SquareSpace that I don’t like is the inability to push images up to the site via FTP. The only way I can store images on the site is to use the File Management tool which requires a lot of extra steps.

 → Read the rest

Squarespace and Video Helps and Tutorials

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This is another post in a short series regarding my discovery using Squarespace as a writing platform. I currently use WordPress
as my blog’s platform hosted at GoDaddy. I am on a simple quest to simplify my blog platform and focus my efforts on creating

First a rant – sort of: As a programmer and software designer, I am technical by training and career and I admit that I enjoy
opening the hood and seeing how the engine runs.

 → Read the rest