A Gentle Reminder, I Care

image of a Starbucks coffee cup This morning as I headed off to work, I stopped by Starbucks to pick up my usual boring drink, a tall Pike Place with extra cream. Sure, I would rather order a grande Carmel Macchiato, but it costs too much and has too much sugar for a regular morning drink. I’d rather save that as an occasional treat than a regular habit.

As I was pulling up to pay with my gift card, the barista handed me my coffee and said, “The lady ahead of you paid for your coffee.” Although the barista seem rather matter of fact, I felt both surprised and appreciative. As I pulled out, I tried to wave to the car ahead of me to show some feeble measure of appreciation. I will likely never have a chance to verbally express my ‘thanks’ but I doubt that is what the thoughtful person expected.

This kind act of expression duly caught my attention because I had been feeling a bit low this week. Trudging through the rigors of the regular routine sometimes takes a bit of life away from your spirit. This small act of kindness really was an expression from my heavenly Father reminding me of His care for me. He simply used this persons gift as a tool to express that. I wonder what thoughtful deed I can do for someone else to also serve His means.

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