Using Dropbox for Blog Images

I use SquareSpace for my blog hosting. It is a great service and I highly recommend it. I also use BBEdit for writing my blog posts in Markdown. The one thing about SquareSpace that I don’t like is the inability to push images up to the site via FTP. The only way I can store images on the site is to use the File Management tool which requires a lot of extra steps.

I have decided to try using Dropbox to host my blog post images. I already have a paid Dropbox account so using it for image storage seems like a “no-brainer”. Images simply need to be stored in the Public folder and then you need to grab a link to the image from either the desktop client (on the Mac you control click on the file and select “Copy Public Link”)

dropbox direct link

or from the Dropbox website


I’m not sure I will make this a permanent procedure, but I am sure interested in trying it out. Word is out that the new version 6 of SquareSpace is coming soon and will have some awesome features!

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  1. great solution. I have been doing something similar for a while. We have a series of webinars that we syndicate as a podcast through the iTunes music store. We use a Squarespace journal page to post the entries and generate the feed for iTunes, but all of the actual mp4 video files (~200mb) each are in a folder in my Public folder in Dropbox. We have a few giga bytes of video that is all being served from the Dropbox public folder.

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