The Week Away…so far

image of a trolley turn around in San FranciscoApple’s WWDC (World Wide Develpers’ Conference). I’ve been to California several time prior but never this far north. I’m staying at a hotel in the Union Square district only four walking blocks from Moscone West where the conference is held. Excuse my ignorance if you are a more experienced traveller than I am, but Union Square appears to be a shopping district (and financial area) for those with more expensive tastes. The contrast of expensive stores with homeless and panhandlers sleeping on the sidewalks is quite thought provoking. Other than several visits into the flagship Apple Store on the corner of Stockton and Ellis, most shops are beyond my financial tastes. I went shopping for a simple pair of Levi’s jeans and found some…$100, not!

Another observation I made this week – it’s pretty hard to wear the wrong clothes. This holds true both at the conference and the community in general. Guys in Armani and guys in pink shorts and go go boots. My lovely wife was concerned that my clothes not get wrinkled in travel. I think wrinkles were just one of a thousand fashion statements at the conference.

My hotel is quite a surprise to me. When I checked in, I was a bit disappointed that for 150/night I was getting a cracker box sized room with no desk. However, the place has grown on me throughout the week. The staff at the hotel are wonderfully nice and helpful. I get a chance to greet my housekeeper each morning – makes me feel even better when I am leaving her a tip each morning. The bed is extremely comfortable and the room is quiet – unless I’m the one making the noise. It’s quite a contrast when I transition from the very quiet and calm hotel lobby, out the door and onto the busy and bustling street fill with many people moving, always moving.

What I am spending on accomodations, I am making up a part of on meals. Apple provides simple continental breakfast at the conference along with a nice lunchtime meal. In addition they provide juice, pop, and coffee throughout the day in the commons areas outside of the conference rooms. I have been averaging about $7 a day on meals, mostly supper – and that will be provided tonight at the evening event.

Most everything about the conference is under NDA for developers so I won’t share anything regarding the conference itself. However, I will say that it has been, so far, very educational, enjoyable, and mind-stimulating. I can’t wait to take what I have learned this week back to my office to turn out the next great iPhone/iPad app!

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