Learning to Use BBEdit and Markdown

I just purchase BBEdit after using Text Wrangler by BareBones Software for quite awhile. I have been using Markdown with the Squarespace editor but I wanted to move to using a good text editor for most of my writing. After hearing so many great things about BBEdit, I decided to make the plunge.

I read that BBEdit has supported Markdown natively since version 8.6, but trying to figure it out was a “needle in a haystack” journal through Google. Finally, I figured out that I needed to look in the Preferences for Languages. There I found Markdown as one of the language settings. I highlighted it and click on Default.

BBEdit Screenprint

I not sure if that is in fact the option I want, but now I finally see the syntax coloring I was looking for. In addition, when I select Cntl+Cmd+P I can instantly preview it.

Sometimes the answer comes to those who are tenanciously stubborn!

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