C- My Grade for Maintaining Old Friendship

 Had the opportunity to meet with a wonderful friend and old work acquaintance this morning. I hadn’t seen him for about 8-9 years and this morning it seems like we just picked up where we left off. Afterwards, I realized just how much I have missed in this friendship and not keeping in touch. Then I remembered a number of other friendships that I have let sit by the roadside as I keep making my way through life. I realize that I need to do more to foster these friendships and maintain them. The voice in my head that excuses my effort and says, “what have they done to keep the friendship alive?” is simply the Enemy’s work to isolate me and usurp the good work being done in my life by King Jesus. I think I am going to go email an old friends and invite him to coffee!

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  1. Relationships do take work, why is it I forget that so often. Whether it is my relationship with my Heavenly Father or my earthly family or my school friends. Thanks for the reminder!

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