I Don’t Want to be that Guy..

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Lately, I am working on a project and I spend a couple of evenings per week working outside of my main office (i.e. read: a room in my home with a desk, computers, storage, and an occasional mess…okay a frequent mess. I really love working in my own office because everything that I need is there and when I am productive, I can really fly in that space. My problem lately is that when the evenings roll around, I want to be outside, or at the kitchen table playing games with the kids, or watching a ball game on our newish home theatre (yes we finally did sink the old 26″ CRT model with missing buttons – it died an unpleasant death and cost almost $30 to dispose of).

So as a point of discipline, I determined with this project I would set aside a couple of evenings a week dedicated to bring it to completion. There is a great Starbucks near my home that is a comfortable place to work and the folks who work there are really pleasant. The wifi can be “iffy”, but most of my current project is not dependant on a great connection like I have at my home office. Occasionally I will also frequent a Panera – the wifi is worse but the menu is better. That brings me to my point today…

I don’t want to be that guy!

You see him occasionally if you ever visit a coffee shop or small restaurant that offers free internet access. He’s the one who orders a small pop, or maybe even just a glass of water; that is not such a bad thing. But the hutzpah doesn’t end there, he also looks for the biggest table and parks…for awhile…for hours…maybe all morning or all afternoon or all evening. Have you ever seen this scenario: one guy, casually dressed (maybe even “pajama like”), laptop computer, A/C adaptor with a really long extension cord snaking across the table, down to the floor, across the floor where others walk, and to an A/C outlet fifteen feet away. He is sitting at a big table – the biggest table – all alone – except for all of his technology exploded all over the table. Since he plans to camp there for awhile, he must assume that if he might need one piece of equipment or another, he should bring it all. Now look around, you see another scene: a group of nice ladies – six of them – all sitting cramped around a table meant for two – probably because the bigger table meant for a bigger group like theirs is taken – by you know who – that guy – the one we have been whispering about.

I don’t want to be that guy!

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  1. Hey look…I really need a big table so I can spread all of my stuff out. I'm working here. I'm trying to make a buck reading blogs, posting to Facebook, and checking out my Twitter followers. I can't help it that Starbuck coffee is so expensive. When I asked for water, they wanted to sell me the bottled stuf. Two bucks! Outrageous…more than I make in a week with my affiliate links. Well I have to go, one of those ladies over there is giving me the "stink eye". I think her group wants my table. How can people be so self-centered?!?

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