Review – Hypermac External Battery for the MacBook Pro

image of the Hyper Mac batteryI recently ordered and received a Hypermac external battery to use with my 13″ Macbook Pro. The battery I purchased was the 100 Wh model. Previously with my older Macbook and Macbook Pro computers, I always purchased a second battery. However, with the new Mac portables, the batteries are non-removable so the Hypermac seemed like the next best option. Depending on which size you purchase, you can extend your power from 19 to 34 hours total usage time. The model I purchased is a moderate size and weight and is easily portable enough to keep in my carry case. I never need to worry about AC access when I am out at a coffee shop or even a local park working outdoors. The newer versions (unfortunately not mine) also will charge the iPad with a 10v USB connection. Mine also has the USB connector so I can charge my iPhone or any other device that can charge from a USB connection. The only negative I experienced was the lack of information regarding the shipment of my battery. When I ordered, the units were on backorder and it took well over a month before they received stock and shipped. Customer service kept telling me that it would ship on such and such a date and then it wouldn’t. In addition, they charged my card immediately after I ordered even though they did not have stock and didn’t ship for over a month. Other than those customer service issues, I am pleased with the Hypermac external battery and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to be able to extend the time they run their portable Macs from battery power.

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