The End of the Season

image of a baseballAs one of our coaches for Hunter’s baseball team said on Saturday, the end of the season is ‘bittersweet’! It is a long season with games and practice consuming most evenings and an occasional Saturday. It was also a wonderful season with a team of boys that played hard, did their best, and were a lot of fun to work with. Our team was made up of boys who enjoyed playing, tried their best, and had great attitudes. It is always a special treat to be involved in activities with my own sons and my daughter and this season gave me an opportunity to spend that extra time with Hunter. Hunter amazes me with his talent and ability to play baseball well. At times he struggled at the plate, but he was always reliable in the field and very adept with both his glove and arm. He did not get as many chances to pitch this year as he would have liked, but that’s okay. His turn will come soon, especially as his arm strength and accuracy develop. Thanks Hunter, thanks Chris and Matt, and thanks Warriors for a fun season!

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