Review: Hacker Backpack Notebook Computer Bag by Timbuk2

I like computer bags! No, I mean really like computer bags. My problem is that I never seem to find the right bag for my needs. Once upon a time, I had a Timbuk2 bag, Commute, for my Mac Powerbook 12″. I really liked that bag and it met all of my needs.

Fast forward to 2009. I no longer have my Powerbook 12″ nor the Commute bag. I sold both online well over a year ago when I upgraded to a 15″ MacBook Pro. Shortly after buying the MBP, I did some research looking for the best bag to use with it. I bypassed the products from Timbuk2 and purchased a Mamba Pack from Booq. Booq’s advertisements in magazines like Macworld always intrigued me and I thought the Mamba Pack would be the perfect choice for me. I was wrong. The Mamba Pack lacked enough compartments for storage and the opening was inconvenient for storing accessories like my A/C adapter, extra battery, etc. In fact I so disliked the Booq that I put it away in storage and put my MBP in my Swiss Gear backpack that I had used for my Dell notebook. The Swiss Gear has more than enough compartments for storage and could literally carry everything I needed plus more – but for a big price – weight. TheSwiss Gear is a full backpack and is more focused for a student hauling a notebook and text books around campus. A big, burly, student!

I went shopping again online after receiving a 20% discount code from eBags. I revisited the Timbuk2 Hacker backpack bag again and decided to give it a try – especially since eBags offered a money-back gurarantee. The bag arrived a few days later and I was immediately impressed. I have been a big Timbuk2 fan for awhile. I have both a small and large messenger bag that I use all the time. I love the material and the optional color choices are great too. The Hacker has a very nice padded and quilted compartment for the Macbook Pro. It is a nice fit and the MBP feels very well protected. There is a side pocket outside the bag to store the A/C adapter. Inside the bag are two separate compartments. One with many sub-pockets for all of my MBP hardware accessories and another for papers, etc. Another good feature is the multiple options for carrying the bag. It is a backpack style with the double shoudler straps. It also has a detachable over the shoulder sling, which I use, to carry the bag at your side. In addition, there is a nice soft handle on the top for carrying the bag by hand.

My review is by no means comprehensive. Both eBags and Amazon provide better reviews for you to make an informed purchasing decision. As for me, this is a bag I love using and will stick with for carrying my MBP!

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