Book Review: iPhone Fully Loaded by Andy Ihnatko

Not your ordinary iPhone “How to” iPhone book

 I read the iPhone: The Missing Manual: Covers the iPhone 3G by David Pogue and it served as a “user guide” to most things iPhone. I recently bought Andy Ihnatko’s 2nd Edition of iPhone Fully Loaded expecting it to be a tool to fill in some missing holes but mostly a repeat of the information in Pogue’s book. WRONG! Andy has a first class way of delivering information from every nook and cranny. I have listened to Andy on podcasts such as MacBreak Weekly and I regularly read his blog so I knew what to expect by way of humor. What I did not expect was his fantastic way of delivering bits of information and tips that feel like a friend inside of the business ‘whispering and waving for you to come over here so he can show you something few others know about.’ I kept a notebook nearby while reading Andy’s book so I could jot down every tidbit of information he shared. If you can afford to buy two books about the iPhone, then get iPhone Fully Loaded (2nd ed.) and iPhone: The Missing Manual by David Pogue. If you can only afford to get one, get this one (sorry, David!)

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