MyDellMini • 2gb RAM Upgrade Guide

I upgraded the memory in my Dell Mini 9 netbook from 1 GB to 2GB and it seems to be running faster. The upgrade chip was very cheap $18.95 after $5 mail-in rebate. Picked it up at Micro Center.

Maxing out the memory (RAM) on your Dell Mini is easy, cheap, and effective. Do it today!

Frequently Asked Questions
I thought the max was 1 gb? Why doesn’t Dell offer it with more? – In order to ship the Mini with Windows XP instead of Windows Vista, there are some hardware specs that the Mini needs to be below, one of which is a maximum installed memory of 1 gb. This is just a restriction at the time of sale… the Mini hardware and the version of XP Home preinstalled on the Mini both work just fine with more than 1 gb RAM.

Will this void my warranty? – No, as long as you are careful and do not break anything.

What kind of memory can I use? – Any DDR2 SODIMM (laptop memory chip) that runs at 533 MHz (DDR2-4200) or faster. 2 gb chips are big and cheap, so it is the only size that makes sense to buy for now.

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