Book Review: WordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

A great starter manual for the new WordPress blogger.

When I made a decision last year to get serious about blogging, I had to make two first-step decisions:

1) What platform was I going to use?
2) What training tool would I enlist to make me more effective with decision #1?

When I did a book search for WordPress, there didn’t seem to be a lot of options. The first one to catch my eye was Lisa Sabin-Wilson’s WordPress For Dummies. I have purchased and read several of the “DUMMIES” books in the past; some were good and some lacked substance. To my delight, Lisa’s book falls into the former group. First of all, the author is an expert about WordPress. She know what she is writing about and she doesn’t write in an tech-elitist style. She makes the material easy to understand without dumbing down the material as some of the “DUMMIES” series of books tend to do. She also offers “must know” material as well as ideas to stretch your blog beyond the basics.

The best recommendation that I can offer for this book is that I plan to spend my money to buy the second edition – available soon!

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