Daily Bible reading plans for 2009

image of guy reading Bib;e
I was up early this morning and found this website while reading Justin Taylor’s blog. From it, you can setup your Bible reading plan to view:

  • from a webpage
  • in an RSS reader where each day the text of the reading would appear in an RSS feed
  • via email where the text of each day’s reading would be delivered to your email
  • you can also download an .ics file which will import into your computer calendar each day’s reading
  • mobile webpage for viewing on smart phones
  • a pdf file which shows each day’s reading for the entire year

If you have an iPod or other mp3 player, you can setup the daily reading plan to download via iTunes or other podcast loading program a daily podcast of each day’s reading.

The only downside is that this plan is not setup to work on the 25 day rotation as our reading plan from BBC is. For me, though, there are enough really cool features that I think I am going to try this plan out for 2009. I really like the idea of being able to access my plan from the Web, an RSS newsreader, on my iPhone, and via email. The added feature of being able to listen to the reading from a daily delivered audio podcast is an added bonus for me too.

ESV Bible daily reading plans…

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