MobileMe – An affordable place to renew your subscription

mobile me box imageIf like me, you use MobileMe (formerly .Mac), you know that shelling out a $100 each year is really more than you want to pay, even though you may get a lot of mileage from the service. Fortunately, there are some places where you can buy an annual subscription for a significant discount. Last year and again, this year, I am using Amazon to help me save over 30% of the subscription cost. I simply purchase it from Amazon and then activate it with my current subscription information and viola’, instant cost savings. And in this economy, every little bit helps.

Personally, I think a MobileMe subscription is a great tool. 20 GB of online storage, an .me (and .mac) email account with several additional aliases, website space for your photos, videos, and other media are all valuable resources. The one tool that is critical for me, however, is the almost instantaneous syncing between my Macs and my iPhone. This has been the “holy grail” of personal information management that I have been pursuing for 10+ years. With MobileMe as a component of my Calendar, Address Book, and eMail management, I finally feel like “it just works” and I no longer have to do Geek magic to get it all working together cooperatively.

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