Java addicts…

image of zack thinkingIs coffee a good thing? I didn’t care much for it for many years. I tried to turn myself into a coffee drinker but could never quite acquire the taste. Then my tastes buds either died or I trained them to enjoy the taste and now I have become an addict! First it was black only, that’s manly, but I gave into my upset stomach and started using cream. I wasn’t satisfied to be the only addict in the house so I looked for the most vulnerable victim, my son Z… Slowly at first with a lot of flavored cream and the “foofy” expensive designer drinks at the coffee shops. Then slowly when the hook was set, he became my coffee buddy! Still likes the “foofy” drinks but can slam down a cup of black Java when the time calls for it. Now I have a second victim…the most unlikely candidate you could ever image. Guess who

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