Synology, PHP, and the mysql Extension

This week I installed a few new items on my Synology NAS server so that I could better familiarize myself with PHP and MySQL. The items I installed were:

  • phpMyAdmin
  • MariaDB (Synology no longer packages MySQL with DSM)
  • WebStation

I am running DSM 6.1.6 and PHP 5 and 7 were already installed and running on my server. → Read the rest

Writing in 2018

All of my blog sites have been relatively dormant for a couple of years. I find it pretty tough to put my thoughts into words online and though I have invested a lot of time and some resources into creating the following blogging websites:

I guess I enjoyed the challenge of setting up these sites but found it difficult to be consistent in providing content. → Read the rest

A New Solution to Storing Coffee Beans

Once in awhile, I like to write about products that capture my interest or are a unique answer to a imple problem. This past Labor Day, my family and I spent an afernoon in a quaint area near our home. The city is Stillwater on the north side of the Twin Cities metro area. The town was built on the St. → Read the rest

Two Tales of Product Customer Service

Customer service can differ a great deal from store to store and from company to company. We recently experienced this between two companies that manufacture high-end products. One is Bendtec, makers of the blender with the power motor. They are the company famous for the slogan and campaign, “Will it blend”.

image of a Blendtec blender

We purchased a Blendtec blender last fall after having purchased and owned a Vita-mix blender. → Read the rest

How to Mow 5 Acres with 2 Broken Riding Mowers

I have a lot of grass to cut each week. When we first moved to our current home, the previous owner left me two very used riding mowers. For the first couple of years, I was able to keep both riding mowers running without much effort. Then parts started to break or wear out and I had to order them online. → Read the rest

On the Web | Five Ways to Flourish in Journaling | Desiring God

On the Desiring God blog, David Mathis penned the post, Five Ways to Flourish in Journaling | Desiring God. For those who aspire to add the spiritual discipline of journaling but find themselves often discouraged, this article is well worth the read.

I especially like the paragraph that he writes,

But don’t take yourself too seriously.

 → Read the rest