The best lessons of 2008

2008 light drawing imageAs the year comes near to a close, I am reflecting on the things that I am most thankful for. To use the proverbial expression, “…drinking from a firehose…” it is difficult to cull my list to just a couple of items. However, the exercise of summarizing the year to just a few bullet points helps me focus on the essence of what I learned from the past year that I can carry with me to the coming one. → Read the rest

Milestones – The coming of age in the life of a man

Well here it is. The day my oldest son reaches official adulthood. Oh, we have sort of been there before – like when he reached the age of 18 or when my second son reached the 18 year mile marker. But this is different. Zack is now recognized by his community and government as a full fledged adult on this day at approximately 12:15 p.m. → Read the rest