Milestones – The coming of age in the life of a man

Well here it is. The day my oldest son reaches official adulthood. Oh, we have sort of been there before – like when he reached the age of 18 or when my second son reached the 18 year mile marker. But this is different. Zack is now recognized by his community and government as a full fledged adult on this day at approximately 12:15 p.m. → Read the rest

Sweet Sixteen

image of birthday cakeMy daughter turned 16 years old today. Amazing – where have the years gone. It seems like almost yesterday that we were racing down County Road 42 from our home to the hospital pacing through my wife’s contractions. Then just a short time later, our one and only daughter arrived into our lives. Twice, we had experienced the birth of a son, and three times later we would again share that similar experience (though each one was unique and special) but this was something totally different.
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