Happy Father’s Day

image of boy holding fathers handThe simple breakfast.

After church, we had lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ. Everyone in our family loves good BBQ and Famous Dave’s was a good choice. Fun conversation and healthy appetites made for a great lunch!

Following lunch, we went to the Lakeville Theatre to see the recently released Mr. Poppers Penguins. Sometimes Jim Carrey movies can be a hit or miss, but this one was a good choice.

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Sometimes It’s What Your Don’t Hear

image of hand holding iphoneI’m writing this post as I fly back home from San Francisco to Minneapolis. It’s bright and sunny outside, the flight is over half done, and soon I’ll meet the people who matter the most to me in the world.

I’ve spent the past week at WWDC 2011, Apple’s conference for Mac and iOS (read iPhone/iPad) developers.

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The Streets of San Francisco…riding the trolley

image of a street car in San Francisco

On the way back, I saw some interesting things. One guy was playing a guitar and singing on Market Street. He was actually quite good; much better than what I heard at Yerba Buena. Closer to the trolley station, I saw the “one man band”. He was humorous and entertaining.

image of street entertainer in San Francisco

Once we reached Fisherman’s Wharf, everyone got off of the trolley and walked over to the trolley station about 2 blocks away down near the water.

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The Week Away…so far

image of a trolley turn around in San FranciscoApple’s WWDC (World Wide Develpers’ Conference). I’ve been to California several time prior but never this far north. I’m staying at a hotel in the Union Square district only four walking blocks from Moscone West where the conference is held. Excuse my ignorance if you are a more experienced traveller than I am, but Union Square appears to be a shopping district (and financial area) for those with more expensive tastes.

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Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – The Tom Bihn Ristretto for Macbook Air

I just received my new Tom Bihn Ristretto bag for the Macbook Air. I purchased an STM Scout from Amazon shortly after I bought my MBA in April. The Scout is a fantastic bag for carrying both the MBA and the iPad. My only problem with the STM bag is the lack of space for extras like pens, earphones, etc.

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Baseball Management Software for Little League Coaches Like Me

I’m an average dad who coaching two summer little league teams two of my sons play for. One I am head coach and the other I’m an assistant. Being an assistant coach is great because you get to have all the fun of coaching without the responsibility of the team administration, etc. Head coaching however, though fun, involves more responsibility.

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Moving to the Macbook Air

I recently picked up a refurbished Macbook Air from Apple’s website. I already have and use a late 2009 Macbook Pro 13 which I have “souped” up with 8 GB of memory, as well as removed the optical drive and installed an SSD 240 GB from OWC.

With the prospect of WWDC coming up as well as a regular monthly stint serving on Grand Jury service, I needed something even more portable than the MBP.

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Apple iPad 2 Launch Day Adventures

image of the Apple iPad 2

Friday morning, 2:50 a.m., the alarm on my iPhone began plunking out the opening measures of Clocks by Coldplay, my alarm ringtone of choice. Normally I wake up a bit foggy but this time I had a mission to accomplish so I sprang out of bed – well, rather, I rose fluidly from bed and made my way to the office next door.

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Review of the Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth Speaker


I recently ordered the Jawbone JAMBOX from Amazon after hearing a number of Podcasters that I listen to frequently rave about its sound quality and simplicity. Jawbone, well-known maker of a number of wireless bluetooth headsets, describes it JAMBOX product as:

It’s simply the smallest, best sounding wireless speaker and speakerphone on the planet.
JAMBOX delivers stunning hi-fi audio in a portable wireless speaker so compact you won’t believe it when you hear it.

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