Setting Up a Photoblog in WordPress Part 1

image of canon camera

One of my recent projects was to help my son, Hunter, setup a photoblog. I came across a perfect domain name,, while browsing at Hover and purchased it for Hunter. I wasn’t sure whether to do a redirect, or park the domain, or find and setup an inexpensive domain hosting account. I took a look at Bluehost first because I had heard some very good recommendations, including one from James Williamson. → Read the rest

Our Switch to IP TV

Remote control pointing at tvYesterday our local phone company sent out installers to set up us with their TV over IP package. The installers were great and did a nice job setting up the service. They even gave us helpful advice regarding our initial plan to have two DVRs and three receivers. They advised against moving forward with that setup suggesting that the only thing we would lose by going with just one DVR would be live pause and rewind. → Read the rest

Beyond Black – Soccer in a Different Age

Puma soccer boot image

My son, Hunter, recently received a new pair of soccer boots for his birthday. I was educated that we no longer call them “soccer cleats”. Over the last couple of years, I could not help but notice that most of the guys that my son plays with or against have very vibrant and colorful soccer boots – much different than the black and white soccer cleats of my era. → Read the rest

Celebrating Milestones in the Lives of Our Children

image of graduation capMichigan to help with food purchase and preparation. Without her time and effort, we would have struggled to get everything ready. She is a gem of a person and her gift with handling food service on a larger scale was invaluable. Plus, we had the added benefit of enjoying her company (along with her new Shorky puppy – cute as can be)!

 → Read the rest

Happy Father’s Day

image of boy holding fathers handThe simple breakfast.

After church, we had lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ. Everyone in our family loves good BBQ and Famous Dave’s was a good choice. Fun conversation and healthy appetites made for a great lunch!

Following lunch, we went to the Lakeville Theatre to see the recently released Mr. Poppers Penguins. Sometimes Jim Carrey movies can be a hit or miss, but this one was a good choice.

 → Read the rest

A Corn Maze Tribute to the Twins and My Boys had a Part!

Fun story in the Minneapolis StarTribune about a man from our church who built a corn maze with a Minnesota Twins theme. The story is especially cool for our family because three of our sons worked very hard on the project for Bert. Bert connected with Tucker while Tucker was working the nursery. Bert said he liked how hard a worker Tucker seemed to be and asked him if he was interested in working on a job for him and if he could find some other helpers. → Read the rest

An Open Letter From Your Dad

image of graduation cap and diplomaWow! The years have flown by and now you, my oldest son, have reached another milestone. One of many future milestones you will achieve, ‘Lord willing’ and another milestone I am also passing, ‘Lord merciful and gracious’. I likely will pass this place again if the Lord is willing and my younger children are able, but somehow the first time quickens my senses in a unique fashion!
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A New Horizon

This season of unemployment appears to have a horizon that we can now see. What an opportunity this has been for us to learn better the enormity of the grace of God in my life, my family, and the lives of those we touch on a regular basis. Sometimes, our Father takes things away from us only to give us something better – not necessarily measurable in our terms, but abundantly in His scope.
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