On the Web | Five Ways to Flourish in Journaling | Desiring God

On the Desiring God blog, David Mathis penned the post, Five Ways to Flourish in Journaling | Desiring God. For those who aspire to add the spiritual discipline of journaling but find themselves often discouraged, this article is well worth the read.

I especially like the paragraph that he writes,

But don’t take yourself too seriously.

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On the Web | Journal As a Pathway to Joy

The Desiring God blog post opens with this:

Maybe you’ve never thought of journaling as a spiritual discipline.

It’s seemed like something only for the most narcissistic of introverts, or cute for adolescent girls, but impractical for adults. What, me? Journal? I’m much too occupied with today and tomorrow to give any more time to yesterday.

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“A Word Fitly Spoken…”

Kevin DeYoung has some thoughtful things to say about the content we post online:

Second, if you need to be critical (and my blog is critical at times) write in such a way that you would not be embarrassed to have the object of your criticism read it with his mother nearby. This doesn’t mean we have to be lily-livered or call for the nice police every time a Christian disagrees strongly with some other person or idea.

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A Gentle Reminder, I Care

image of a Starbucks coffee cup This morning as I headed off to work, I stopped by Starbucks to pick up my usual boring drink, a tall Pike Place with extra cream. Sure, I would rather order a grande Carmel Macchiato, but it costs too much and has too much sugar for a regular morning drink. I’d rather save that as an occasional treat than a regular habit.

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A Broken Bike, Tiny Shoes, and a Dude Who Can’t Walk

image of broken bikeI’m sitting at Starbucks reading and preparing my lesson for tomorrow’s Kindergarten Sunday School class. I love these kids and I enjoy teaching the lesson every other Sunday. If I am faithful to the preparation, I usually always learn something very important too. This week’s lesson is from Mark 2:1-12 – Jesus heals a paralytic man after his four friends cut a hole in the roof of a house and let him down (presumably with ropes while he lays on his bed – or mat of some kind).

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Paul Tripp on Grace

A very good word on grace from Paul Tripp via the Desiring God blog:

So grace is a story and grace is a gift. It is God’s character and it is your only hope. Grace is a transforming tool and a state of relationship. Grace is a beautiful theology and a wonderful invitation. Grace is a life-long experience and a life-changing calling.

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A New Horizon

This season of unemployment appears to have a horizon that we can now see. What an opportunity this has been for us to learn better the enormity of the grace of God in my life, my family, and the lives of those we touch on a regular basis. Sometimes, our Father takes things away from us only to give us something better – not necessarily measurable in our terms, but abundantly in His scope.
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China? :: Desiring God

Read this very brief article in the China Daily Chinas official English language newspaper. Its the testimony of a university student who converted to Christianity.Now if youve been following China for any length of time you might be picking your jaw up off the floor. Get this: The official and highly controlled newspaper of the Communist government is featuring a story of a religious conversion of an exceptionally bright university student who found meaninglessness in existence apart from God. 

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Why you matter to me, my family, and my son, Tucker…

Thank you to everyone who has expressed their concern and prayed for Tucker’s surgery and recovery. Dr. Dahl was pleased with the results of surgery and today was a tolerable day for our son. He had a few downs and some ups, but Carrie and I are both thankful for the Lord’s mercy and grace for our family and particularly for Tucker.
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