When “Mailing It In” is Not a Bad Thing

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Squarespace offers it site owners another great option for posting content into their websites – Email posting. Through the tools in Squarespace, you can setup a special email address that allows you to write a post in your email and then send it. From there it will be posted as a journal entry (read:blog post). You can title your post using the Subject field and you can attach an image for it to be included in the post.

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Everything Old is New Again…

Quawkle.com is currently in a transition between the current site and a makeover involving either a switch to WordPress using the Genesis or Thesis, or a complete move to Squarespace.

image of Squarespace logoRather than continue with some of the many other observations I have made so far with Squarespace, I will save some of those thoughts for another post or two.

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Happy with WordPress

I am impressed with WordPress 2.6 blogging software. The number of great plugins and tools available make it obvious why the platform is so popular amount bloggers. I am looking forward to the release of version 2.7 though I don’t know much about it yet. I like the editor Mars Edit and the Firefox extension ScribeFire. → Read the rest