My Low-down on Markdown

If you write for any online presence – particularly blogs – and you are not a dedicated HTML junkie but still long to have more formatting control over your posts, Markdown written by John Gruber of Daring Fireball fame, may be the tool for you. Markdown is a recognized framework of web formatting tags that gives you control over things such as:

  • Header size
  • Type size
  • Bold, italics, and underlining
  • Quote blocks
  • Ordered and unordered lists
  • etc.
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When “Mailing It In” is Not a Bad Thing

image of the @

Squarespace offers it site owners another great option for posting content into their websites – Email posting. Through the tools in Squarespace, you can setup a special email address that allows you to write a post in your email and then send it. From there it will be posted as a journal entry (read:blog post). You can title your post using the Subject field and you can attach an image for it to be included in the post.

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Everything Old is New Again… is currently in a transition between the current site and a makeover involving either a switch to WordPress using the Genesis or Thesis, or a complete move to Squarespace.

image of Squarespace logoRather than continue with some of the many other observations I have made so far with Squarespace, I will save some of those thoughts for another post or two.

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Happy with WordPress

I am impressed with WordPress 2.6 blogging software. The number of great plugins and tools available make it obvious why the platform is so popular amount bloggers. I am looking forward to the release of version 2.7 though I don’t know much about it yet. I like the editor Mars Edit and the Firefox extension ScribeFire. → Read the rest