Buyer Beware

Speck iPhone case image

Shop carefully when buying items from Amazon! My daughter purchased a “Speck Candy Shell” case for her iPhone 4s about 6 months ago from Amazon as a new product. Sold by “Sheraton allretire” and fulfilled by Amazon. The case wore out in the lower front bridge and my daughter returned it to Speck for warranty replacement. She just received an email reply from a customer service rep at Speck saying that the case was a forgery and that Speck could not honor a warranty replacement.

I also recently read reviews on a Griffin Technology Powerjolt USB car adapter sold as a new product by a third party seller and fulfilled by Amazon. Many of the reviews said that the product was defective and a “knock off” fake. It seems to me that this is more becoming a “buyer beware” scenario when purchase products from Amazon that are sold under a third part (even if they are fulfilled by Amazon).

I like purchasing products from Amazon, especially because of the free shipping using Prime, but I feel more uncomfortable clicking “Add to Cart” if the seller is not Amazon itself. I wish that Amazon would take a stronger position in protecting the customer when they are fulfilling the purchase.


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