A tribute to Veterans from Steven Curtis Chapman

In honor of Veterans Day, this excerpt is from Steven Curtis Chapman’s website:

Honoring Veterans

Hear the New Song By Steven Curtis Chapman, “Thomas McBride”

A few days ago Steven Curtis Chapman had the opportunity to visit the Bethesda Naval Medical Center, a guest of the President’s physician. It’s become a given on Steven’s schedule over the last 8 years plus.

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Review: Simplify Media – simply great!

Alright, I confess right up front, I have way more songs in my iTunes library than I ever do or will listen to. But I am one of those guys that likes to think I have my whole library always available for any situation. You know, like when I am at the park with my beautiful wife, a quaint picnic blanket and lunch, and a beautiful azure sky with one or two large cumulus clouds lazily floating across the sky.
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