I Don’t Want to be that Guy..

image of pig at table

Lately, I am working on a project and I spend a couple of evenings per week working outside of my main office (i.e. read: a room in my home with a desk, computers, storage, and an occasional mess…okay a frequent mess. I really love working in my own office because everything that I need is there and when I am productive, I can really fly in that space.

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The loud talkers aways find me

What do these things have in common?
  • A soft seat
  • A steaming cup of hot coffee
  • A good book and a great magazine
  • Free wifi and my Dell Mini 9

All these things were in place for me to enjoy a quiet and fine evening at the Starbucks on Century. I have been looking forward to this all day and now finally the time has arrived.

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