Repost: What’s Pinging My iPad Battery? by Katie Floyd

Great discovery by Katie Floyd, one half of the Mac Power Users Podcast on the mysterious battery drain of new iPads:

After additional investigation I discovered the iPad was consuming power normally when active, but was draining more power than expected when in sleep or standby mode. What was the cause? In my case, I’ve narrowed it down to Ping, Apple’s nearly forgotten “social network for music.”  Like all good Apple geeks I checked out Ping when it was first introduced and setup an account, but I haven’t touched it since.

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Review – Hypermac External Battery for the MacBook Pro

image of the Hyper Mac batteryI recently ordered and received a Hypermac external battery to use with my 13″ Macbook Pro. The battery I purchased was the 100 Wh model. Previously with my older Macbook and Macbook Pro computers, I always purchased a second battery. However, with the new Mac portables, the batteries are non-removable so the Hypermac seemed like the next best option.
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