Church Selfie

image of funny selfieThe problem:

This past Thursday evening, our small group was meeting together at a friend’s home. Our custom is to have a short time of snacks while catching up with each other. Someone began commenting about our church directory and posed the question of why it has been so long since it was published and why our church hasn’t arranged for a new one to be produced. → Read the rest

Tools for Keeping a Food Journal

image of a food journal

I have read that one of the best ways to help you lose weight and eat healthier is to journal what you eat each day. Even with all of the tools of technology close at hand, I have always found it a challenge to effectively track my meals.

I think that part of the problem lies with the use of words rather than pictures to record the content of my meals. → Read the rest

On the Web | PGA Championship — Second-round play at Valhalla Golf Club – ESPN

PGA Championship — Second-round play at Valhalla Golf Club – ESPN.

Perhaps the standards have risen to such a level, but McIlroy’s 4-under-par effort was not the comfortable stroll around Valhalla Golf Club that he seemingly had during the opening round of the PGA Championship. But he birdied his final hole nonetheless and took the 36-hole lead.

 → Read the rest

Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress (Part Three)

image showing dictionary word reference


As I previously promised, I am publishing a reference list that I compiled while researching the process of migrating from SquareSpace to WordPress. Some of the links refer to earlier processes that applied more to SquareSpace version 5 than the current version 6. I am including them, however, since many SquareSpace users may still be running version 5 sites so the information would be pertinent. → Read the rest

Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress (Part Two)

image of a wrench and screwdriverThe process that I used to bring my posts from my SquareSpace blog to the newly created one on WordPress was pretty basic. I first went into the blog on Squarespace via the longer url of and logged in with my administrators account. Since I had already hooked up the DNS settings for to the new blog site on WordPress this was the only means I had of accessing my SquareSpace account. → Read the rest

On the Web | 9 Reasons Why You’re a Mosquito Magnet – Yahoo Health

image of mosquito
Every summer I am afflicted in my own yard by the pesky Minnesota State Bird – the mosquito. Why am I the biggest target for this tiny vampire insect and seemingly nobody else?

Yahoo Health posted this article – 9 Reasons Why You’re a Mosquito Magnet:

Mosquitoes are picky creatures — unsurprising if you’re the one always ducking for cover under a swarm of bloodsuckers while your friend remains unscathed.

 → Read the rest

On the Web | Journal As a Pathway to Joy

The Desiring God blog post opens with this:

Maybe you’ve never thought of journaling as a spiritual discipline.

It’s seemed like something only for the most narcissistic of introverts, or cute for adolescent girls, but impractical for adults. What, me? Journal? I’m much too occupied with today and tomorrow to give any more time to yesterday.

 → Read the rest

Disabling Annoying JavaScript Gatekeepers

My problem

While researching a topic this morning, I ran across an annoyance on a particular website. The page was using javascript to block contextual mouse right clicking and using the mouse to select text on a page. All I wanted to do was select the blog post title and blog name to drag (or copy-paste) into a text editor for some notes I was taking on a subject. → Read the rest

Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress (Part One)

image of travel suitcase

One of the features touted for SquareSpace is that your data is not trapped in a SquareSpace website if you should ever choose to switch to another platform. That is true, however, migrating from SquareSpace to another platform is not a simple export from and import to process as I learned this past week when I made the switch. → Read the rest

Setting Up a Photoblog in WordPress Part 1

image of canon camera

One of my recent projects was to help my son, Hunter, setup a photoblog. I came across a perfect domain name,, while browsing at Hover and purchased it for Hunter. I wasn’t sure whether to do a redirect, or park the domain, or find and setup an inexpensive domain hosting account. I took a look at Bluehost first because I had heard some very good recommendations, including one from James Williamson. → Read the rest