Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress (Part Three)

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As I previously promised, I am publishing a reference list that I compiled while researching the process of migrating from SquareSpace to WordPress. Some of the links refer to earlier processes that applied more to SquareSpace version 5 than the current version 6. I am including them, however, since many SquareSpace users may still be running version 5 sites so the information would be pertinent. → Read the rest

Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress (Part Two)

image of a wrench and screwdriverThe process that I used to bring my posts from my SquareSpace blog to the newly created one on WordPress was pretty basic. I first went into the blog on Squarespace via the longer url of and logged in with my administrators account. Since I had already hooked up the DNS settings for to the new blog site on WordPress this was the only means I had of accessing my SquareSpace account. → Read the rest

So hard to decide which tool

I have been trying out several posting services lately with the purpose of easily moving video from my iPhone to several locations on the web. I have tried using Qik, which I like and which also now allows me to post video from the iPhone while connected with 3G service. I also use Posterous, a simple blogging, aggregating service (there may be better ways to describe Posterous), to post videos, audio clips, and photos.

 → Read the rest » WordPress and Selective Twitter Status for Facebook

I found an excellent blog post that was identical to my situation with regard to using Selective Twitter application for selectively choosing which tweets are sent to Facebook. As I posted earlier, I had issues with not being able to send blog post notifications to Facebook after making the change. I tried a number of new plugins and nothing seemed to work quite right.
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Finding a good plugin solution for posting to Facebook

This is a short post to see if the new WordPress plugin – WordBook – is working fine. I had some issues with the version on PHP running on my blog. Now I am running version 5 and the plugin seems to work fine. I am not sure if I will experience other WordPress plugin issues that are PHP 4 dependent.

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Selective Twitter – better use of posting Tweets to Facebook

I have been using my favorite Twitter client Tweetie on both my Mac and iPhone. I really enjoy using this client even though there are many good choices for both the iPhone and the Mac (and my Windows PC). Tweetie is just simple to use, clean interface, and doesn’t get in the way of the experience.
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Book Review: WordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

A great starter manual for the new WordPress blogger.

When I made a decision last year to get serious about blogging, I had to make two first-step decisions:

1) What platform was I going to use?
2) What training tool would I enlist to make me more effective with decision #1?

When I did a book search for WordPress, there didn’t seem to be a lot of options.

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