Synology, PHP, and the mysql Extension

This week I installed a few new items on my Synology NAS server so that I could better familiarize myself with PHP and MySQL. The items I installed were:

  • phpMyAdmin
  • MariaDB (Synology no longer packages MySQL with DSM)
  • WebStation

I am running DSM 6.1.6 and PHP 5 and 7 were already installed and running on my server. → Read the rest

Disabling Annoying JavaScript Gatekeepers

My problem

While researching a topic this morning, I ran across an annoyance on a particular website. The page was using javascript to block contextual mouse right clicking and using the mouse to select text on a page. All I wanted to do was select the blog post title and blog name to drag (or copy-paste) into a text editor for some notes I was taking on a subject. → Read the rest