Can the iPad and Mac Coexist?

There seems to be a lot of chatter online these days regarding Apple’s intentions for the future of the Mac in light of the meteoric rise of i-devices such as the iPad and the upcoming iPhone 4. Others are discussing the role the iPad might play as a notebook replacement device. I think that both of these topics miss the point that the Mac and the iPad (along with smaller siblings, iPhone and iPod Touch) both fill needs and niches. → Read the rest

Review – Hypermac External Battery for the MacBook Pro

image of the Hyper Mac batteryI recently ordered and received a Hypermac external battery to use with my 13″ Macbook Pro. The battery I purchased was the 100 Wh model. Previously with my older Macbook and Macbook Pro computers, I always purchased a second battery. However, with the new Mac portables, the batteries are non-removable so the Hypermac seemed like the next best option. → Read the rest

Scheduling the Unexpected | Sovereign Grace Ministries Blog

C.J. Mahaney shares some thought regarding handling unexpected events in our daily schedule…

My preference is to retreat to Starbucks on Monday morning a day off for me. That’s when two very important things take place: 1 I carefully study the Washington Post sports page. 2 I consider my roles, create goals, and transfer them into my schedule for the coming week.

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An Example to Show Why You Should Not Check Email Continually : What’s Best Next

Good thoughts from Matt Perman’s blog, What’s Best Next

You wouldn’t take the trash out every time you throw something away. Likewise, don’t check your email every time something new comes in. Best of all, shut it down between those times if possible, or at least minimize the window and turn off the bell.

via An Example to Show Why You Should Not Check Email Continually : What’s Best Next.

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