Installing Zinio Magazine Reader to the Kindle Fire

I just found these instructions for installing the Zinio magazine reader on the Kindle Fire. They worked fine for me.

image of the Kindle Fire

Temporary alternate download method for the Zinio app on the Kindle Fire

Note: these instructions are ONLY for users on the Amazon Kindle Fire. This installer is not supported for any other device.

  1. From the main screen, tap Settings > More > Device > Allow installation of Applications (from unknown devices)> select “ON”
  2. Download the APK (app installer) from here .
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Kindle Changing How People Read, Publish Books – article on how the Kindle opens up publishing opportunities for authors:

The Kindle has also opened up a new world for authors.

Former Pioneer Press reporter Judy Borger struggled to find a publisher for her mystery novel “Where’s Billie,” but then a friend suggested putting it on Kindle.

“It took about a minute and a half to upload the entire book, cost me nothing,” said Borger.

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Review: KindleFeeder

I have yet to write a review on the Kindle 2 from Amazon which I picked up over a month ago while vacation in Florida. My preview in a word – “Excellent!” I will save an extended review for later once I locate where I left my mind.

I recently started reading the book, Kindle 2 for Dummies (on my Kindle 2 of course) and the author pointed me to a service called KindleFeeder.

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Amazon Kindle’s Blog – Free Sci-Fi

I have been using the Kindle app for the iPhone for a better part of this half week. So far, I am quite impressed with the application. I would not want to read all of my books on my iPhone, but when I am out and about (or held hostage at a shopping mall by my wife) I can pull out my iPhone and catch up on some reading.
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